Ryan is a Liar

I will forget about all the typical bullshit evacuated from the mouths of politicians. All the bullshit, that is, except for that which is absolutely 100% demonstrable. I appreciate measurement. Apparently, Paul Ryan claimed to have run a sub-three hour marathon. I am a bit of a runner myself. I have run distance events. When… Continue reading Ryan is a Liar

The Clint Eastwood Speech

I watched the Clint Eastwood speech in its entirety. It was bad. But I don’t think it was as bad as most people seem to be spouting about. That is to say, while it was very bad from a technical standpoint, from the view of the intended audience it worked well enough. Some of the… Continue reading The Clint Eastwood Speech

Post-Apocalyptic Dystopias

Having a child of a certain age, I was forced to watch The Hunger Games. I was prepared to hate it, but didn’t. The post-apocalyptic dystopia has had a long history. Narrowing it to the “filthy peasants are forced to provide victims (voluntary or otherwise) for the sporting amusement of the patrician class,” the genre… Continue reading Post-Apocalyptic Dystopias