An Asian acquaintance recently mentioned the appalling lack of Asian representation in polls regarding race. My first thought was that that is terrible. But next, I wondered why “mixed race” is an option in so few government forms. This, despite the explosion in “mixed race” citizens that has occurred in each of the last two… Continue reading “Mixed”

Recent Twitter Stuff

Twitter is interesting in that most of it is mindless garbage. Occasionally, however, I add to the festering pile. A selection of my recent contributions: There’s a reason most people are loath to leave their children unattended around gun nuts. Ronald Reagan died for your sins. Repent, liberal! At press conferences, sartorial choices are far… Continue reading Recent Twitter Stuff

A First in Software Purchases

Perhaps I have reached old-fuddy-duddy-hood. Or perhaps being on the downward slope on the “years remaining” hill has altered my view on these things. I spent several hours yesterday evening attempting to purchase some software. As is often the case these days, one must create an account. To create an account, enter a value in… Continue reading A First in Software Purchases

Loon Funders

The sources of funding for right wing nuttery seems infinite. Much of this cash is aimed at organizations that are primarily or at least overtly religious. Not just religious, but crazy religious. By that, I mean religion of the “Science is the work of the Devil!” variety. Yet those providing these funds seem to be… Continue reading Loon Funders

Keeping the Cogs Greased

Conservative thinking: “Unless the occasional [member of out-group] gets [killed, raped] without consequence to the [real victim], how will those people be forced to remember their place?”