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Month: August 2013

As I Smolder to Ashes

I’m going to have to step away for a while. I currently have nothing more to add to the national dialogue. If a person’s default position on Obama or Trayvon Martin is “nigger, nigger, nigger,” then response is pointless. If a person uses the trappings of science (i.e. the internet, computers, analog broadcast media) to spread claims that actual science is wrong, as with global warming, then response is pointless.

I am burned out.

As a person who has actually had to use the data revealing the noticeable effects of CO2 on the propagation of radiation from the ultraviolet through visible and infrared wavelengths, I can say that the Ghomerts and DeMints of the world leave me empty. If I claimed to speak Hebrew and babbled some vaguely Semitic-sounding gibberish, it would be the linguistic equivalent. The fact is that 100.00% of actual scientists who espouse global warming denial know they are lying to support one of two things: ideology (they are right wing loons willing to sacrifice any shred of scientific integrity for what they perceive as “the ends justify the means”) or profit (since the science is so far beyond question to even the most basically trained of scientists, the wages available to those who would whore out what they know to be false “scientific” opinions are quite extravagant).

I cannot compete. When the “reality based community” plays by gentlemen’s rules and the opposition plays by WWE heel rules, is there really a competition? Even a staged one?

As they say in France, “Un plein de merde trou du cul peut dire ce qu’il veut sans conséquence,” which means “We have earned our current situation.” Because I know French like DeMint knows science.


[Update]: I should mention that I do know a number of the artisans of science that actually believe the ridiculous bullshit they see on Fox News and should be excused. They are mainly consumers of data, and may be hoodwinked by their sources, because they are nor responsible for actually doing science. That is why even basically honest meteorologists, engineers, and doctors may say jaw-droppingly stupid things about topics such as vaccination and global warming.

Lost Friends I Never Knew

For the second time since I moved to New Mexico, my favorite writer has died. I have nothing to add, really, to what has been said about the man known to many as Doghouse Riley by such luminaries as Charles Pierce and Tbogg.

Steve Gilliard had been the first notable writer with whom I had actually had exchanges in the comments and/or email. It took me a while to find a new favorite. The next writer to take up the mantle (Larry Wallberg, also known as The Exterminator), eventually withdrew from blogging. I don’t think Doghouse Riley ever personally replied to any of the sparse comments I made on his blog. I nevertheless feel a sense of loss much like that of several years ago.

Today, Tbogg announced that he, too, will be retreating from the peculiar world of blogging.

I am very sad.

Please keep up the good work, Mr. Pierce.

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