Why Does the Government Employ Anit-Government Kooks?

It seems among groups of professionals are individuals who could be described as clinically insane. I almost lost my cool with a guy who was yelling insane right-wing-nut bullshit at a Border Patrol agent doing his job. I will never get why a disproportionately high percentage of people who work for the government insist that… Continue reading Why Does the Government Employ Anit-Government Kooks?

The Greatest Generation

I love the way a claim can be considered fact merely on priority. I spent nearly 14 years in the Army between the National Guard, the Regular Army, and the Reserves. Yet I am not a soldier. But because someone once said, “once a Marine, always a Marine,” every FORMER Marine claims to still be… Continue reading The Greatest Generation

New Career?

I’m sure there exists some sort of drug that greatly mutes the ability to feel empathy. That could be very useful in the case that a person, say, wanted to become a token Hispanic to shill right-wing talking points on the cable news networks. Of course, this hypothetical person would also have to be the… Continue reading New Career?

Election Time

If you are not filthy filthy rich (net worth of several million dollars), and you vote Republican this election, you are stating as loudly as possible the following: “I don’t hate [women/minorities]. I just think they should know their place.” If on the other hand you are a multimillionaire voting Republican, then why not take… Continue reading Election Time