The Opposite of Science

The opposite of “science” is “bullshit.” examples: “I don’t believe in science.” = “I believe in bullshit.” “Science doesn’t have all the answers.” = “Bullshit has all the answers.” “I don’t trust science.” = “I trust bullshit.”

Back from Scotland

From the windswept moors of Scotland, I have returned to the warmer clime of southern New Mexico. Glasgow is a nice city and , given the change, I would definitely return to the banks of the River Clyde. The Hunterian Gallery at Glasgow University has a display on Whistler. The Museum of Transport has a… Continue reading Back from Scotland


About eight years ago, I was waiting in the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. I was on my way to Kodiak. The part of the airport that serviced that destination had few other destinations with multiple flights. After Kodiak (or maybe before; it was a long time ago), the most popular on the list of… Continue reading Denali


Have you ever had a dinner for one take two hours? I have. Today.