On Art and Artists

While listening to a recent episode of The Skeptic Zone podcast, I heard a familiar question: how do you react when an artist, whose work you enjoy, turns out to be a kook? The next day, I saw James Brown wins this week’s Roman Polanski award for “great art being created by really bad people.”… Continue reading On Art and Artists

Sometimes I Hate Good Satire

One of my favorite reads lately is former Bush speechwriter David Frum. Today he linked to a John Oliver bit from the Daily Show. It was insightful and painful to tears. It was every bit as biting as A Modest Proposal. Part 1 Part 2 Interestingly, Frum makes some points against Oliver’s presentation that are… Continue reading Sometimes I Hate Good Satire

Pierce on Bobby Jindal

From Charles Pierce at Esquire: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wants to be your vice-president. (He may also want to be your president, too, but being your vice-president first is an easy way to do that.) His first audition for the second slot was to become the prime surrogate for the relentless juggernaut that was the… Continue reading Pierce on Bobby Jindal