How Would It Spread with No Intervention?

The following charts are based on the data found at and represent a trend if there were no intervention. That is an important caveat, as the pictures might be otherwise alarming. First: Fit the raw data to a curve. This is not necessarily the best fit. I fit a curve to each two points… Continue reading How Would It Spread with No Intervention?

Fairness (Both Sides)

The main idea exploited by Fox News since its inception was to capitalize on the “liberal bias” of whose existence right wing radio personalities had been insisting since Reagan did away with the “Fairness Doctrine.” Research has since revealed the existence of a strong liberal bias in journalism. What the research did not look into,… Continue reading Fairness (Both Sides)

The Opposite of Science

The opposite of “science” is “bullshit.” examples: “I don’t believe in science.” = “I believe in bullshit.” “Science doesn’t have all the answers.” = “Bullshit has all the answers.” “I don’t trust science.” = “I trust bullshit.”

Quit Using Our Words

Often I hear a drooling political prostitute use the vernacular of science for moron-baiting purposes. Among the techno-babble words recently acquired by the anti-intelligentsia is “optics.” The book on optics (Opticks, as he wrote it) was written by Newton himself. Optics is the science of light. “The way morons will see it, if properly guided… Continue reading Quit Using Our Words

Legislate on Snake Oil

Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) form a potent coalition defending the impotent concoctions of the snake oil industry. I understand that the purveyors of so-called alternative medicine (SCAM, for short) have always had a friendly ear in Congress. That is, a friendly pocket. In addition to those individuals, the recent fashion of acting… Continue reading Legislate on Snake Oil