That’s what I need more of. I suffer from a dearth of gaps, holes, spaces, and free time. Much of it is due to frenetic pace others desire for doing things. While most of our time has been spent in the vicinity of home, we’ve nevertheless managed to burn thousands of miles off our tires.

I’ve been able to witness an elk cow and her calf somewhere in eastern New Mexico as well as a mother pronghorn suckling her fawn. I’ve climbed to the top of waterfalls along the Columbia River. I’ve watched soccer games between Liga MX teams Cruz Azul and Xolos, and Gold Cup matches of Cuba vs. Trinidad & Tobago, and Guatemala vs. Mexico. I’ve worked in the place of coworkers who were spread to the four winds. As a result, I’ve been unavailable for much of the past few weeks. I should get back to it.