Fox Geezer Syndrome

Former Bush Jr. speechwriter David Frum over at FrumForum is posting some of the “Best of” from his site this year. I thought by FF contributor Richmond Ramsey sounded awfully familiar. My parents are not so much this way, but I know a number of members of their generation for whom this is spot-on: …… Continue reading Fox Geezer Syndrome

Nearly Done with Christmas

After completing all the necessary Christmas-related decorating, shopping, travel, and cultural crap, we had only one small thing left to do. We were to host a small dinner party. Everything had been timed perfectly, and I was just about ready to serve. As I pulled the Roast Beast from the oven, I threw out my… Continue reading Nearly Done with Christmas

On Hitchens

Lindsay Beyerstein has collected what she calls Four Antidotes to Hitchens Hagiography.  I understand the anger at how so many members of the media have bent over backwards to sing his praises.  I acknowledge his jingoistic bent, his cruel streak, his drunkenness, and his misogyny.  Those character flaws do not make his brilliant prose any less correct… Continue reading On Hitchens