Corporate Sponsorship Pays

Pretty soon, the useless U.S. yellow journalism/infotainment-lobotomy casserole will inform us that the Supreme Court has “made a decision” that Hobby Lobby (which is a corporation, and corporations ARE people, my friend) is within its rights to refuse to allow those filthy whores to get their whore pills on Hobby Lobby’s dime, nosireee Bob. They… Continue reading Corporate Sponsorship Pays

The Existence of Expertise

On easy way to see if your pursuit is real or bullshit is the existence of experts. People in science often see it as a battlefield wherein truth is approached through bitter struggle between competing factions supporting incompatible models of reality. On this, the fools and leaders of fools capitalize. Unlike silly detective shows, the… Continue reading The Existence of Expertise

I Understand the Obsession

Long, long ago, a little known spot on the body journalistic happened upon a new World War in the making. Powered by such luminaries as Peter Arnett and Christiane Amanpour, the world populace was informed of the goings-on of a then little-known patch of the world known as Iraq. Fast-forward what seems like a hundred… Continue reading I Understand the Obsession