Light Posting

I’ve been distracted lately. Not least among the reasons is that the sequestration is causing odd things to happen at work. Besides that, I am feeling as inspired as an RNC Minority & Women Outreach planner. Assuming, of course, that such persons exist. Anyway, I promise to return soon to my ones of readers with… Continue reading Light Posting

Wayne LaPierre, Doomsday Prepper

It’s interesting to me that creepy shill for the gun manufacturers Wayne LaPierre is allowed to get away with giving a crackpot fantasy rant suggesting that people need semi-automatic weapons (read: assault weapons) Why? Well, obviously if something like Katrina happens again, decent people (if you know what I mean) must be able to defend… Continue reading Wayne LaPierre, Doomsday Prepper

Random Acts of Vandalism

Much of the water cooler talk and email traffic of the last few days has been about the sequester. While most discussion is on the direct impact on our little corner of the world. Few of my colleagues opt to engage in debate as to the causes. First, I should step back a bit. When… Continue reading Random Acts of Vandalism

The Dark Knight Rises to Insult Your Intelligence

—Spoilers— This truly awful movie is a study in paranoid fantasies. It weaves an imaginary world of good and evil in the kindergarten-simple style that is rarely seen outside the wasteland of TV punditry. The movie begins with, as many comic-book movies do, an event involving an impossibly skilled person conducting some absurdly complicated scheme… Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises to Insult Your Intelligence