A Quirk of Statistics and Probability

There is something very wrong with the way people have evolved. We are extremely adept at discerning patterns. These patterns, unfortunately, are of a size appropriate for hunter/gatherer bands. For great societies, these perceived patterns simply delude. In a lifespan of fifteen or twenty thousand days, a one in 10 thousand event is a once-in-a-lifetime… Continue reading A Quirk of Statistics and Probability

Like Flies to a Cowpie

The business model of a sizable portion of online media is in the form of pay-per-click advertisements. The attractiveness of the clickbait approach to advertising is that a poor product with a compelling headline is quite efficient at drawing it consumers to the target. Now silliness written as news has been around forever. Often as… Continue reading Like Flies to a Cowpie

Confidently Uninformed

Confidence is often inversely proportional to expertise. If I were a good liar, I could pass for an expert on a number of esoteric topics. I could, that is, unless any audience member possessed enough knowledge to recognize my act as just that. But if I had already convinced key members of my audience of… Continue reading Confidently Uninformed

Political Correctness

This term came out quite some time ago. It has come to be used almost exclusively in a manner perhaps not initially intended. Originally, it meant rephrasing an idea in such a way as to not cause offense. That is no longer its meaning in common usage. In the modern parlance, it is used almost… Continue reading Political Correctness