“Business Model” Means “Method of Screwing Customers”

I was trying to install Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012. I could actually install Visual Studio Professional 2012 with my license. But Visual Studio Professional 2012 is not supported in my arcane, ancient, outdated operating system. You see, this dinosaur still lumbers on on the mummified limbs of Windows Vista. An infinitesimally small number of… Continue reading “Business Model” Means “Method of Screwing Customers”

Last Flight of a Space Shuttle

Today, the shuttle Endeavor crossed over Southern New Mexico one last time. It flew from Biggs Army Airfield over White Sands Missile Range and west from the NASA facility on WSMR’s western boundary towards its final resting place at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, CA. I watched the mated behemoths of the Boeing… Continue reading Last Flight of a Space Shuttle

What About Payroll Taxes?

Republican politicos count on working class and middle class (for that matter, the lower tiers of the upper class) people to vote against their own financial interest. That much is clear. What is not so clear is why the Democrats allow their opponents to play this game (perhaps it is related to the gelatin-based spinal… Continue reading What About Payroll Taxes?