The Supreme Court Decision

I’m not a lawyer, but the gist of the various lawyers I have heard blog on this is that the Roberts view describing this as a tax is not a particularly compelling argument. Many individuals seem to feel that Roberts has caught on to the consensus view that the Citizens United ruling was the worst… Continue reading The Supreme Court Decision

Bad People

Something that bothers me about the current sociopolitical situation: It would be so much easier if right wing loons were simply bad people. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. Most of these people (at least the ones I know) are sane and decent human beings. They do, however, fall far too easily for the… Continue reading Bad People

On Google

I have a ten-year old in my household. As such, I recently got Cars 2 on Netflix. I have found that that particular movie does not play on an ordinary Blu-Ray player. Assuming the issue was a firmware upgrade, I consulted Google. A few hours later, I opened up Talking Points Memo. This is what… Continue reading On Google

A Question

How is it that in movies, the combination of these characteristics: obnoxious vapid inconsiderate unreliable irresponsible can merge together as “quirky” and be considered attractive?