Something that bothers me about the current sociopolitical situation:

It would be so much easier if right wing loons were simply bad people. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. Most of these people (at least the ones I know) are sane and decent human beings. They do, however, fall far too easily for the sort of tripe bought into by religious extremists in the Middle East and other such places. They are victimized by the rich and powerful. They are then informed by agents of the rich and powerful that their situation is caused by a third party. For much of the Middle East, this third party is the decadent West of the Jews and Christians. Put simply, wildly disparate wealth distribution is not due to the rich consolidating wealth and power. Rather, it is due to believers of the wrong magic friends. Somehow. Similarly, an American middle class bereft of opportunity is due to lazy minorities and overpaid union workers, rather than a tiny fraction of the population absorbing all of the benefits of our society’s largess while offering no remuneration.

In reality, I was a registered Republican most of my adult life. It was because I did (and, for that matter, do) adhere to many of the stated principles thereof. I disdain those unwilling to actively seek self-improvement and I feel that society should reward those who have striven the hardest for achievement. The Republican ideal is far from the reality, however. Much better people than I have managed to wallow in mediocrity while those several generations removed from genuine achievement wallow in the luxury afforded them by the modern version of primogeniture.

If you believe that the Democrats (who, admittedly, are lousy at their job) are the villains here, you are not paying attention.

It is for that reason and no other that I call you not bad, but lazy.