Over at Balloon Juice, Tim F. discussed an article in Pat Buchanan’s stopped watch of a publication, The American Conservative entitled Race, IQ, and Wealth by Ron Unz. It is worth a read. But I have my own thoughts on this subject. Let us assume, for a moment, that the patrons at the local Heritage… Continue reading On IQ

Weird Thought

I just saw a picture of Rob Pattison that, for some reason, made me think of John Belushi:

Show Your Evidence, Senator

Yesterday, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) declared that the Obama Administration has leaked classified information for its own benefit. I am sure the good Senator has met with the Justice Department and the FBI to ensure that justice is swiftly brought to the perpetrator or perpetrators. What’s that? She hasn’t? Surely Senator Feinstein knows that withholding… Continue reading Show Your Evidence, Senator

Internet Ad Spending

I occasionally peruse right wing websites, but not a great amount. So I find it a little odd that the ads that show up on websites are heavily skewed in that direction. By heavily skewed, I mean about 100% of the political ads are of the following types: Support of Romney Criticism of Obama Nutball… Continue reading Internet Ad Spending