Over at Balloon Juice, Tim F. discussed an article in Pat Buchanan’s stopped watch of a publication, The American Conservative entitled Race, IQ, and Wealth by Ron Unz. It is worth a read.

But I have my own thoughts on this subject. Let us assume, for a moment, that the patrons at the local Heritage Preservation and Patrician Social Club (whites only, please) are correct in their assessment that intelligence is inversely proportional to dermal melanin production. The name of their holy book, The Bell Curve, seems to lend itself to some impressive irony. Suppose blacks have a 5 point deficit in IQ over their white counterparts. Then a man with an IQ of 100 would expect to be smarter than approximately half the white population. Where would this man stand compared to those people (wink, wink)? Well, here is the picture mathematically:

Let the two functions represent the two IQ distributions by race. We can see that even if the claims of race-based IQ differences were not unsupportable scientifically, the average guy with his 100 IQ will still be “inferior” to nearly a third of the “inferior” race. It’s right there in the picture. Of the Gaussian distribution, which is usually called the bell curve by people who do not understand statistics.

1) Different populations of so-called “blacks” in Africa can be more distant genetically than a Belgian is from a Cambodian.
2) I completely made up the IQ difference as part of a hypothetical question.