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The World is Slightly Less Evil Today

A wicked fraud – preying primarily upon the gullible and the stupid – and a perpetrator of great evil upon outgroups ranging from the poor to women to LGBT people to the “lesser” races has finally died. The length of his life is an argument against the existence of a just and loving god.

I hope there is an afterlife, though. There, he can spend an eternity reaping the fruits of an unnaturally long lifetime of aggressively harming all those who are not straight, white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant males.

Hopefully, he will be sharing a pit with his fellow sack of rancid ungulate leavings Jerry Falwell.

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  1. marc

    This purveyor of hatred and stoker of “mediocre white man” rage has been joined by perhaps the only individual more overtly corrupt than the obese, elderly accused child molester who, until recently, infested the White House, former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi.

    Berlusconi’s leadership serves as a model for all future criminals in politics.

    May the two of them share a demon colon in hell.

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