Planning is Such a Pain

I hate when I get materials ready for a project, only to spend the available time doing silly things like planning. Measure once, cut twice (at least that’s how it seems to work lately). I once built a level yard from a sloped one, complete with a three foot high, 80 foot wide brick wall.… Continue reading Planning is Such a Pain


My place of employment pushed through an upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013 recently. I spent much of the day loading, reloading, rebooting, sighing, and changing settings. During this process, something occurred to me. While some of my coworkers had real difficulties, I was merely inconvenienced. As well, many had difficulty in getting used to the… Continue reading ‘Upgrading’

Huntin’ and Fishin’

I went fishing today for the first time in quite a while. It makes me think of hunting, in that both share an interesting quality. You get credit for doing something while, really, you are doing nothing. Surprisingly relaxing.

This Time, I Mean It

OK, now the break is really over. I have been engaged in a variety of distracting pursuits of late. So I haven’t really had the time to wade into all the ridiculous murk warping the collective mind of the world. Also, I’m lazy. So I shall be mounting my high horse soon, ready to give… Continue reading This Time, I Mean It