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I’m Sure They’re Lovely

New reports make me believe that I am substantially different from most people. I think Jennifer Lawrence is cute-but-dopey and nothing like, say, Catherine Zeta-Jones. As well, Anne Hathaway has her charms, but is also a little bit non-human looking. Similarly, Scarlett Johannson and Mila Kunis are attractive, but not Halle Berry attractive. Is it really just me? Or is it just that our media opt to make these individuals the center attention by declaring them “it girls?”

The Fate of the Senate

Much recent electronic ink has been spilled in recent days on the possibility of the Democrats retaining the Senate in the 2014 election. It will not happen. Money talks, and the Citizens United decision means those with money can effectively drown out the voices of the filthy peasants. To be fair, each dollar in bribe money has a return on investment of hundreds or thousands of dollars, so it makes good business sense. And since “corporations are people” …

So It’s 9/11 Again

I have but one thought on the subject.

To all of you that spent the months and years after a single terrorist incident shitting your pants or, more importantly, enticing others to shit their pants at the merest mention of swarthy persons of a certain … type:

Take heart. You and your ilk are only the second most pathetic, miserably, barrel scrapings on the planet. The most pathetic are those poor wretches that carry out the tasks your kind are too chickenshit to carry out yourselves.

Fear not. So long as the most powerful profit so greatly on the willingness of the oppressed to accept the claims of their oppressors that a third party is responsible. Then a cozy relationship develops between the “enemy” organizations, wherein each profits from the attacks of the other for propaganda purposes.

You have a long and bountiful future ahead. So sail on, malevolent parasites. Sail on.

Quit Using Our Words

Often I hear a drooling political prostitute use the vernacular of science for moron-baiting purposes. Among the techno-babble words recently acquired by the anti-intelligentsia is “optics.”

The book on optics (Opticks, as he wrote it) was written by Newton himself. Optics is the science of light. “The way morons will see it, if properly guided by my propaganda” is not functionally equivalent. Is it that the words “perception” and “appearance” have too many syllables? Optics is a fairly narrow area of study. I mean that it is very specific, though many would argue that its vast and growing set of applications shouldn’t be called narrow. Screw those guys. Within the field, the word “optics,” when not applied to the field itself, generally refers to items such as filters, lenses, and mirrors. In what way is this similar to “appearance?”

But I guess it sounds educated to the sorts of people that prefer the airheads who deliver their daily dose of bovine excreta to sound smart.

It beats having to listen to actual smart people who will almost certainly disagree with their preferred delusions, I suppose.

When “Idiot” is an Acceptable Political Persona

I don’t think it would be particularly controversial to call George Bush, Jr. somewhat less than brilliant. But the odd thing about him is that he felt compelled to act dumber that he actually was. He was smart enough to stumble through Ivy League schools, which implies he was at least above-average. But he put on a silly “poor ol’ Texas boy what ain’t got no fancy city-boy edgy-cation” affectation.

Now your average doctor can excuse Bush, Jr. by telling himself, “The ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ shtick is for the rubes, Bush, Jr. has actually had a quality education. He’s just using it to get elected, whereafter he will spend his rare work hours pushing through laws designed to transfer wealth from the filth to the deserving rich.”

Fair enough. But to what else does this sort of play-acting give rise?

Obviously oblivious morons like Christine O’Donnell and the clearly deranged Michele Bachmann come to mind. Today, I saw a quote from Representative Joe Barton (R-TX): “Wind is a finite resource and harnessing it would slow the winds down which would cause temperatures to go up.”

Faux morons like Bush, Jr. give rise to real morons like Joe Barton.

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