On the Backs of Giants

In any society that has moved beyond the hunter-gatherer band level of organization, the greatest benefit of society is the sharing of information. To be sure, hunter-gatherers enjoyed the fruits of collected knowledge, but it could be argued that individuals gained more from the group security than from the group knowledge pool. Regardless, individuals in… Continue reading On the Backs of Giants


When I was in college, I often heard the call of business majors: Business Major: “Hey, [some bar] has a live band! Let’s check it out.” Me: “I have a test tomorrow.” BM: “So do I. So what? Let’s go!” I eventually managed to get a degree in physics. That means I will never make… Continue reading Randians

Bundy Ranch

Swarthy folks that fail to pay rent – freeloaders. White guys with cowboy hats who fail to pay rent – patriots. The ridiculously low grazing fees for public lands were so fixed in order to suck up to ranchers. Even a pittance is too much for the ever-oppressed rich white asshole whose entire net worth… Continue reading Bundy Ranch