Review: A World Lit Only by Fire

A World Lit Only by Fire The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance Portrait of an Age by William Manchester 366 pages Little, Brown & Company, New York, 1993 I have recently heard the argument made more and more that the so-called Dark Ages were not that. I think this book stands against that notion. William… Continue reading Review: A World Lit Only by Fire

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I have been a bit of an amateur linguist since high school. Recently, I decided to look into which languages were the most spoken. I made a post on that, based on minimal intertube research. Now that I have a new table plugin (courtesy of Tobias Bäthge), I decided to take another stab at it.… Continue reading Languages

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Size Comparison E.U. vs. U.S.

I was looking into going to Germany for vacation. I wanted to see how much of that country I could see. I hadn’t realized how large it is. My research (source: Wikipedia)showed that Germany is over 13% larger than New Mexico (source: Wikipedia). That got me thinking about how various European countries compared with U.S.… Continue reading Size Comparison E.U. vs. U.S.

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Proposal for a Crackpot Limit

An unfortunate practice has come to be an inescapable part of modern journalism. This is the introduction of “false balance” to any subject. I have written about that before, but I have only now really figured out a reasonable counter for it. During this morning’s drive to work, I was listening to the Point of… Continue reading Proposal for a Crackpot Limit