An Ignored Study

Today, I saw a article on a report of research into the “Fix the Debt” campaign with the ponderous title A Pension Deficit Disorder: The Massive CEO Retirement Funds and Underfunded Worker Pensions at Firms Pushing Social Security Cuts. It had some interesting (but, unfortunately, by no means surprising) findings: The 71 Fix the Debt… Continue reading An Ignored Study

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How Confederates Think

Today, Erik Loomis had an article up on John C. Calhoun’s argument against the complete annexation of Mexico. In it, he quoted some notable lines from Calhoun’s 1848 speech to Congress: I know further, sir, that we have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian raceā€”the free white race. To incorporate… Continue reading How Confederates Think


I noticed a little something in an AP piece titled Independence drive falters for Spain’s Catalonia: Catalonia is responsible for around a fifth of Spain’s economic output and many residents complain that the central government in Madrid takes in more tax money from the region than it gives back. But now Catalonia is the most… Continue reading Catalonia

Idiot Self-Identification

There are a lot of phrases, clauses, and sentences I regularly hear that tell me more than I wanted to know about the speaker. When I hear the statement “Failure is not an option,” I assume the speaker means “I am an idiot.” To date, I have not been disappointed. As far as I’m concerned,… Continue reading Idiot Self-Identification