The Clint Eastwood Speech

I watched the Clint Eastwood speech in its entirety. It was bad. But I don’t think it was as bad as most people seem to be spouting about. That is to say, while it was very bad from a technical standpoint, from the view of the intended audience it worked well enough. Some of the less delusional members of the crowd probably noticed that Eastwood came off as a doddering curmudgeon with little understanding of the state of the economy and the state of politics. But most attendees, like Bush Jr. with his “filters,” are averse to finding out any more than Fox News and Rush Limbaugh (or handlers) are willing to tell them. They simply do not know enough to even know they don’t know. I think the single prop prop-comedy bit will work well on low information geriatric voters and those with a knee-jerk hatred of “ethnics.” Unfortunately for Willard, he already had a solid lock on that crowd. They are his base.