The Modern Face of the Republican Party

As a member of the reigning majority in the reigning minority of the voting population in the U.S. (Mexicans outnumber other hispanics, and hispanics have recently topped blacks as the largest minority), I feel compelled to make some admissions. First, hispanics in general and Mexicans in particular are racist jerks. I wish that it were not true (and many people would like to believe that only a dominant group can be racist), but it is. And to those outside the loose confederation of nationalities called hispanic, many might be confused as to how racist (nationality-ist?) seemingly indistinguishable people can be. But the fact is that there is some animosity between Mexico and the countries of Central America. And most of that group combine in their disregard for the Spanish speaking countries of the Caribbean, with Puerto Rico being of particular disregard. One thing they all can agree on, however, is that Cubans suck.

Aside: Seeking the hispanic vote by courting people like Marco Rubio indicates a comical misunderstanding of the dynamic of that portion of the populace.

…but I digress…

We also understand that, to many whites of a certain bent, we are all identical. So we tend to take offense at overt racism such as the following. This is the reception incurred by Ms. Zoraida Fonalledas of Puerto Rico, on being called to the lectern:

I think that says everything that needs to be said about what the proponents of the White Protestant Christian Male Plutocracy think of us members of lesser races, possessors of unfortunate double X chromosomes, and believers (or nonbelievers) in lesser gods than Pasty White Northern European Jesus.

I’ve sugarcoated it for years, but I think I’m done. If you are not doing some sort of outdoor physical labor, or are not traveling to or from such work (and I will grant that it is much better than most of its competitors for those purposes), then the reason you wear a cowboy hat is because you feel that “niggers, wetbacks, and Jews needs to know their place.” and also that bitch best get back in the kitchen if’n she knows what’s good for her.

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By marc

I am a scientist interested in laser safety, modeling and simulation, and statistics. I speak some Spanish, German, and Chinese.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, and let’s not forget ‘all hat, no cattle’. I’ll bet most of those guys sell copiers.

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