Yesterday, I spent a good deal of time doing homework. When I thought I was done, I immediately found out that I had just completed the preliminary part of the assignment. And that is apart from the group project my group will start on tonight.

Biden’s Presidency Continues

That’s so odd, considering the forecasts of right-wing nuts and the media who insist on constantly giving these cranks a platform. Somehow, the lizard people (or whoever the subject is for the current conspiracy theory) have prevailed for 11 days so far. Doubtless the right-wing loons’ savior (“Q” at the moment, but subject to change without notice) will give reasons why the overthrow is taking so long. I guess we’ll just have to see what that is.

Probably the End

I’m paid to next June. I imagine that, by that time, I’ll be permanently done with this. I have to accept that 25-30% of all Americans are evil people. These are the people who know Donald is a child molester. They know he is a fraud. They know he is deep in hock to foreign interests (in particular Vladimir Putin). Yet they support him. That is because each of those individuals believes that he hates his or her outgroup most of all and will punish them for existing. A black man who supports Donald does so because the group he hates most is one of the following:

1) women
2) Hispanics or Asians
3) homosexuals
4) Muslims

Similarly, a Mexican man who supports Donald does so because he the group he hates most is one of the following:

1) women
2) blacks or Asians
3) homosexuals
4) Muslims

And so on, swapping the list around as necessary.

Caveat: some wealthy members of one of these out groups may simply be taken in by the naïve idea (proffered by right-wing propaganda organs) that the wealthy all benefit from a right-wing dominated government. In the case of the last two Republican administrations, the wealthiest far outstripped the mere multimillionaires in gains.

The remaining supporters are the profoundly gullible. There are some patriotic Americans who will support what they perceive is good leadership. They lack the curiosity and, I would argue, good citizenship to see what that really means. Instead, they opt to lazily accept the reporting of clear propaganda organs such as Fox News, OAN, and Russia Today as if they were legitimate news organizations.

Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, I assume that the victims of the John Birch Society brainwashing will not rest until they have destroyed democracy and rational thought forever in this country. In its place, they hope to plant a permanent aristocracy of the worst sorts of people on the planet. And they will be armed with thermonuclear weapons.

Humanity is damned, at the hands of its worst members.


All of this was fixable. The sum total of reforms (a bit simplified, to be fair) is this:

  1. Limit campaign donations:
  • A citizen may only donate to a person for whom (s)he may vote in the next election.
  • The sum total of donations must be a very small amount, allowing access to any person.

2. Limit access to lawmakers:

  • Every meeting with every individual who is not a constituent must be logged and recorded as a permanent record.
  • Every meeting with a constituent must be logged, but not necessarily recorded.

3. A holder of national office must divest his or her holdings:

  • An exception to this is dwelling real estate or small (very small) business.
  • Real property of little financial value may be retained.
  • Value of previously held stocks, bonds, etc. would be directed to an anonymous and wide-ranging fund directly proportional to the standard holdings within the US citizenry.
  • A non-partisan legal and fiduciary committee would review all transactions of the national officials with veto authority.