We have reached the point where the followers of the deposed of the demented simpleton are becoming more deranged than he is. I don’t know how we can deal with 25-30% of the population suffering a collective delusion.

Late Kleptocapitalism

In any society that allows for a single individual at the top of a continuum is able to possess the net worth of millions of individuals at the bottom, the political power will have a definite direction. Those with obscene wealth invest a tiny fraction of that wealth in corrupt politicians. This investment pays outrageously… Continue reading Late Kleptocapitalism

A Strike of Sorts

I have made a point of limiting my interactions on Twitter. I decided a couple of weeks ago to quit interacting in any way with any tweet using the name of the obese elderly child molester (and useful idiot Russia) who was recently ejected from the White House. I have slipped once or twice, but… Continue reading A Strike of Sorts

My First Computer

In my school reading today, I came across the topic of the failure of the IBM PC Jr. My family once had one of these. It was not our first computer, however. That had been the Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, with 16K RAM and Extended Color BASIC. I believe I was around 9 years… Continue reading My First Computer