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End of a Short Month

As we approach the end of the leap month, the second of the election year, we can say that the trend of the media continues. Free advertising for each unhinged loon, and a detailed critique of each legitimate candidate.

Into the Trash Heap

We send this year, worse – as always – than the preceding one, into the trash heap of history as the high mark of misinformation and disinformation in recent history. Control of media by heavily biased (mostly pro-authoritarian and increasingly proto-fascist) interests has been accelerating as obscene wealth concentration increasingly purchases influence.

Next year will be worse.

Kissinger is Finally Dead

As a Jewish youth, Heinz Alfred Kissinger fled the Nazi regime. He was among the most profoundly brilliant people I have ever listened to in interviews. I have not looked deeply into it, but I have heard that he received the only perfect record at Harvard. The most salient part of his life, however, was his pro-genocide policy. The fruits of his labors paved the way for the modern variants of fascists.


The Deranged Crank caucus of the House has selected a demented pumpkin ass-kisser as their new leader. The future is bright.

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