Beck’s Rubes

You may remember this bit from a few years back:

This was shocking to approximately no one. Then there was the uncomfortable silence as we all stood by watching Beck separate old fools from their money, whilst filling the coffers of his shady partner in not-quite-but-should-be crime. I mentioned a while back the Dollywood for Gun Nuts that was proposed by too-nuts-for-TV-crackpot-Jesus Glenn Beck.

While his audience of terrible people, ignorant people, and white supremacists/Christian nationalists (obviously, these groups are not mutually exclusive) were duped into driving the price of gold from less than $900 an ounce to over $1900 an ounce, they became equally invested in accepting his claimed worldview. In the same way that parishioner victims of a fraud-perpetrating clergyman (but I repeat myself) often defend him to the end, Beck’s rubes are unable to accept the obvious. In the same way that some women can’t ever be convinced that the sole reason right wing loons (RWLs) so assiduously strive to illegalize abortion is that forced childbirth is the single most important weapon in keeping women in their place, the Beck flock actively ignores every red flag.

… but I digress …

I’m not an advocate for advancing children ahead of their age-peers. One reason is that life is difficult for a child a full year behind his classmates in social maturity. Having become jaded by classmates taking advantage of my obvious naïveté, I turned a bit cynical as to the intentions of anyone trying to convince me to do anything. Over the years, this has proven advantageous in the presence of charlatans. Beck’s rubes don’t have that going for them. What I find odd is that they are willing to accept his buffoonish con at face value, while accepting his over-the-top stupid conspiracy theories even when they contradict other Beck-proffered conspiracy theories. I feel sad for the Beck rubes. They don’t even get that, as much as any Obamaphilic liberal on the planet, Beck himself is laughing at them.