The Existence of Expertise

On easy way to see if your pursuit is real or bullshit is the existence of experts. People in science often see it as a battlefield wherein truth is approached through bitter struggle between competing factions supporting incompatible models of reality. On this, the fools and leaders of fools capitalize. Unlike silly detective shows, the… Continue reading The Existence of Expertise

Slap Fights

It bugs me a little when should-be allies attack each other over twitter. They all end up looking like morons. For a while, I thought it was just the right wing loons accusing each other of not being racist, misogynistic, sociopathic, or otherwise misanthropic enough. I soon found that the childish infighting is quite popular… Continue reading Slap Fights

Letters to the Editor

One of the only non-science dead-tree publications I read is The Economist. It is somewhat right-leaning, but is generally reasonable about most things. A couple of days ago, (I’m a few issues behind) I read an article (“Apocalypse perhaps a little later,” The Economist, March 30th – April 5th 2013 issue) claiming that “some scientists… Continue reading Letters to the Editor