Back from Arabia

I have spent some time traveling in the Old World.

While I was gone, I enjoyed the relative peace I had in being out of the reach of the 24 hour news cycle. On returning, of course, I found that the frothing of the right wing loons has continued apace.

I hate to be illiterate. So before I left, I took the time to learn the Arabic alphabet. It turns out, some city in Libya (ليبيا), a city called Benghazi (بنغازي), has become the most important news story in the world. I saw nothing about any of this on a single European or Arabian newspaper. The clown mafia running the alleged news media in this country, however, have responded to claims of outrage by the RWLs to spill endless ink on the subject.

The story seems, to me, to be that each individual failure occurring during the Obama Administration is directly caused by the President himself. So I ask acquaintances what the alleged crime is. I am informed it is a coverup. Comparisons to Nixon abound, but I fail to see how Nixon covering up his own crimes is equivalent to Obama’s poorly done public relations in response to what would later be described as a planned attack.

The unfortunate fact is that, when adequately supplied and supported by enough participants, a fake protest can overcome the defenses of all but the most secure facilities. Keep in mind that we are attempting to project a peaceful presence. Machine guns mowing down crowd of attackers posing as a spontaneous protest would provide invaluable propaganda for our enemies. Extremism is like a disease. It requires not only hosts, but hosts with compromised immune systems. How better to depress the resistance of a person than carefully crafted misinformation? That strategy has worked well enough in this country, with right wing corporate-owned media paradoxically accusing itself of harboring a left wing bias.

I intended to declare that I yet draw breath, but I seem to be entering rant territory. I suddenly get the urge to raise a fist in the air while yelling something to some damned kids about my lawn. Odd.

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