Focusing on the Wrong Amendments

The right wing loons (RWLs) often choose wrong targets. While desperately seeking to preserve an entirely imagined right to possess assault weapons, many RWLs actively ignore a very real curtailment of their civil liberties. Obviously a large fraction of the RWLs feel that assault weapons are necessary to keep certain people in their place. I am not concerned with anyone forever stuck in 1960. The rest, however, should really be considering this. The 4th Amendment has a far greater reach in our daily lives. Following the lead of the Bush, Jr. Administration, the Obama Administration has opted to continue and even increase the overtly illegal warrentless surveillance of U.S. citizens going about their daily business.

From Predator Drones Wrongly Being Used To Spy On Americans:

Surveillance by these drones underlines an unreasonable search on a person and their property. Probable cause needs to be established in a court by a judge in order for a warrant to be granted. Such warrants protect citizens from being unlawfully or unreasonably stalked, tracked, or watched by the government or law enforcement agency. Drones fly well above a target and are hard to spot by the naked eye while performing surveillance, which disregards the Fourth Amendment. It is unlawful because the state needs to prove its case first.

Perhaps it’s just me. I would have thought this is one arena where the dirty hippies (DFHs) and the RWLs could come together. Both are suspicious of Big Brother. Yet this hasn’t occurred. I am at a loss as to why.

All defenses of disemboweling the 4th Amendment in this manner seem to be based on seeking personal safety.

I am reminded of something from someone rather well-versed in the philosophy of the Founding Fathers:

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

-Benjamin Franklin