Conversations with Humans

One thing that occurs to me is that we humans have pretty homogeneous ideas on most things. That is to say, we mostly agree about basic governance. I am always a little bit surprised (I have an IQ of slightly above room temperature, so I’m easily impressed) when I have conversations with people I know as Right Wing Loons (RWLs). When I think of RWLs, I think of comically absurd conspiracy theories and wild-eyed claims about the apocalyptic consequences of minor proposed legislation. But, then, that is the real difference, isn’t it. In order to get rational people to vote against their own interests, an effective strategy is to use coincidences (real, or ridiculously contrived ala Glenn Beck’s) as evidence of conspiracies. Certainly, the left has had its share of kooks. Strangely, one of the rantingest of RWLs is also the purveyor of a crackpot theory in favor among the dirty hippies (DFHs): 9/11 was an inside job.

Alex Jones has convinced the dirtiest of DFHs that the same Republicans who put buffoonish incompetents like “Brownie” in charge of important government agencies like FEMA were able to efficiently and effectively pull off a Bond-villain-scale crime against humanity in utter secrecy, despite the thousands of people who must have been involved.

Alex Jones has convinced the looniest of RWLs that the same Democrats who failed to oust the laziest oaf ever to embarrass the position of the American Presidency, despite disastrous handling of two wars (one of which was based on the most obvious bovine fecal matter since the Maine incident) were able to install a foreign-born secret Muslim Manchurian candidate. And they made him a noticeably flawed administrator and a perfectly typical pandering politician to hide his secret Marxist Muslim agenda.

Yes, the biggest difference between the two sides is a collection of politically appropriate conspiracy theories easily dismissed by reasonable middle school children.