The Citadel

I’m not thinking of the South Carolina school that, as I found while seeking a military college with which to crush my soul, had rather recently begun admitting the lesser races. Admitting, I should say, as in “allowing in,” rather than “acknowledging the existence of.” The latter had probably occurred some time earlier. Perhaps years, even. Also, there are apparently now vagino-Americans in residence (or whatever the lesser gender is now called).

No, this Citadel is a planned right-wing loon (RWL) escape from society and into the freedom afforded by certain people knowing their place. In this case, the certain people know that their place is outside. Outside the cold grey walls of the cold grey crackpot Disneyland inhabited by cold grey rubes.

In other news, crackpot Jesus Glenn Beck is planning his own kook farm. I assume he will call it Rube Ridge Ruby Ridge, in honor of a fellow white separatist gun nut patriot. And David Koresh. And other such heroes whose women knew their place. Doubtless, his victims investors will have plenty of funds available, having made so much money on gold.

All I can say is, good luck.

And shine on…

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  1. If someone hadn’t clicked through to me from here today, I might not have been reminded to ask this: why can I not subscribe to your site? I always mean to visit more often but those little email notices when a new post goes up are most helpful!

    Can you add a widget to allow email subscriptions?

    And how are you?

    1. It never really occurred to me. I’m not sure how to set up the RSS feed with this WordPress thingy. I suppose I should look into it.

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