Is There a Line?

I think we can all agree that the weaponry that should be available to the public is somewhere between a thermonuclear warhead on an intercontinental ballistic missile and a BB gun. Since Americans, in general, do not think North Korea or Iran should be allowed to have thes former, I think it is safe to say that they would also avoid allowing their fellow citizens possession of the same. Certainly, many a member of this group claims that anyone that disagrees with his incoherent right wing ideology is a traitor attempting to surrender the United States to the jackbooted thugs of the United Nations. Would the right wing loon (RWL) allow these people that he supposes to be traitors (approximately half the population) possession of weapons of mass destruction?

Of course not. Even the most batshit crazy of these people would not likely allow private possession of nuclear weapons. What about less absurdly dangerous weapons or weapon systems? Should private citizens be able to own attack helicopters? How about tanks? Only the truly certifiable would answer in the affirmative. Yet just below this line, a number of people actively lobby for access to such weapons as the M-2, the M-60, or other such machine guns. Would the RWL allow these people that he supposes to be traitors these sorts of weapons that he wishes for himself? He wants military grade weapons, but would he be happy to see brown people in possession of the same?

Where, then, do we draw the line? Before people (the sort of which often complain of “negroes” and “wetbacks” in an appropriately monochromatic setting*) trot out their pet absurd conspiracy theories in which a Secret Mooooslim Kenyan Socialist (I mean, just look at him) takes away their guns, perhaps they should consider that they are not now allowed possession of many different firearms. As well, most mines, grenade launchers, and cannons are generally unavailable. Perhaps the assiduous RWL should get to work on this.

*Also “filthy sluts what don’t know their place” in an appropriate setting of uniform gender