Former Bush Jr. speechwriter David Frum over at FrumForum is posting some of the “Best of” from his site this year. I thought by FF contributor Richmond Ramsey sounded awfully familiar. My parents are not so much this way, but I know a number of members of their generation for whom this is spot-on:

… it turns out that our folks have all been sitting at home watching Fox News Channel all day – especially Glenn Beck’s program.

I don’t know when it happened, exactly, but she began peppering our conversation with red-hot remarks about President Obama. I would try to engage her, but unless I shared her particular judgment, and her outrage, she apparently thought that I was a dupe or a RINO. Finally I asked my father privately why Mom, who as far as I know never before had a political thought, was so worked up about Obama all the time.

Many of my co-workers in their mid 50s or later have begun to develop this personality trait. I had never thought that the trend extended across the nation. Perhaps I was wrong. I wonder how historians of the future will look back on the media of the early 2000s.