I think I have about had it with politics. Most of the people with whom I occasionally discuss politics seem to have less thought into choosing a political side than they had on choosing a football team to cheer. The Republican platform would accelerate the transfer of the nations wealth to the wealthiest and away from everyone else. What the rubes (meaning anyone earning less than about $1,000,000 per year) don’t realize is that this transfer is not to the 1% as the dirty hippies claim. Rather, it is to the top 0.1%. At least I think they don’t understand. It’s possible that denizens of the low-to-mid tiers of the upper-class are simply willing to allow their own piece of the pie to shrink so long as that of the filthy peasants shrinks at a much faster rate. Cast thus, the merely rich are gaining relative to the filthy peasants. And for some people, that is all that matters.

I think I should end my political voice with a definition:

Politics – the collected methods used by the powerful to dupe citizens into voting against self-interest.

I only wish I had the lack of ethics required to personally profit in the willful ignorance of others, or the lack of dignity required to be a token minority scientist bootlick for the anti-science party.