In this world of insane partisanship, can’t we all just agree that anyone who is against HPV vaccination is a terrible human being?

South Carolina’s House of Representatives recently voted in support Governor Nikki Haley in her veto of a bill intended to provide information on and access to a free vaccine that prevents a sexually transmitted, cancer-causing virus. You see, preventing cancer-causing infections will only encourage those filthy, filthy sluts.

Technically, of course, a gal could contract HPV despite having been pure as the driven snow at her wedding if her beau had been not quite so pure. But then we can say that she should have known better than to hook up with a guy who may have had intercourse at some point in his past. Certainly that rarely happens. And HPV is probably a very rare infection. Also, while we’re thumping our Christian bibles, we should recall that accusations of adultery merit a good stoning.