A Strike of Sorts

I have made a point of limiting my interactions on Twitter. I decided a couple of weeks ago to quit interacting in any way with any tweet using the name of the obese elderly child molester (and useful idiot Russia) who was recently ejected from the White House. I have slipped once or twice, but overall I’ve been pretty reliable. Unfortunately, I have a tiny footprint on that platform (or any other, for that matter). I just wish I could get the word out. If everyone would make the commitment to refuse to interact with any social media post containing the name of that particular rotund child predator, he would deservedly disappear forever. Or at least for the handful of months (hopefully not years) he has left before his terrible diet, sedentary lifestyle, and decades of drug abuse explode the withered heart in his lard-packed chest cavity.

By marc

I am a scientist interested in laser safety, modeling and simulation, and statistics. I speak some Spanish, German, and Chinese.