The Greatest Generation

I love the way a claim can be considered fact merely on priority. I spent nearly 14 years in the Army between the National Guard, the Regular Army, and the Reserves. Yet I am not a soldier. But because someone once said, “once a Marine, always a Marine,” every FORMER Marine claims to still be a Marine until death. Similarly, Tom Brokaw decided that the people who came of age in time to participate in WWII were “the Greatest Generation.” Well, I say “the Greatest Generation” sucked. They did alright by themselves, but they also spawned the “Baby Boomers.” Or, as I call them, “the Rube Generation.”

We are living through the greatest period of peace and prosperity in history, yet a sizable fraction of the world’s population still lives in squalor.


Because most of the Baby Boomers were middle class in a booming economy. A generation taught to look up to the most spoiled of their peers. Thus did they grant the rest of us the brilliant Ponzi scheme of Reaganomics or, more precisely, bullshitonomics. The generation that clawed its way out of the great depression and defeated the combined might of the Axis powers mollycoddled their progeny into blindly following the most pathetic of lickspittles (such as Mitch McConnell) and electing the most resolutely lazy human being ever to infest the Oval Office in the vacant visage of the Lesser Bush.

Yes, the claim can be made that the immediate members of your lineage aren’t much better. These were called “Generation X” by some horse’s ass trying to sell heavily horseshit-infused dead trees. But their successors were the shittiest of all.

My only hope for this largely worthless bundle of the excreta of various ungulates is that some day, the ratio of non-piece-of-shit Millennials to piece-of-shit Millennials will exceed 1 in 5.

It didn’t yesterday.

By marc

I am a scientist interested in laser safety, modeling and simulation, and statistics. I speak some Spanish, German, and Chinese.