Corporate Sponsorship Pays

Pretty soon, the useless U.S. yellow journalism/infotainment-lobotomy casserole will inform us that the Supreme Court has “made a decision” that Hobby Lobby (which is a corporation, and corporations ARE people, my friend) is within its rights to refuse to allow those filthy whores to get their whore pills on Hobby Lobby’s dime, nosireee Bob. They will then act as if it had been anything but a fait accompli long before any of the interested parties brought it to this level. A few years back, interested parties provided the ridiculous Citizens United case as an absurdly over-the-top flouting of the Constitution that demanded immediate action. The Supreme Court had, at that point, been appointed largely by purchased politicians of the past few decades. The strategy of purchasing politicians paid massive dividends to the original investors. With the foregone conclusion of the Citizens United case, effectively legalizing bribery as an branch of political campaigning, the path has been forged for the long fight to completely unravel the ideals presented in the Constitution.

Establish the primacy of corporations over people.

Put “those people” back in their place.

Overrule Separation of Church and State.

The sentences above appear on the manifestos of a disquietingly high percentage of “conservative” power brokers.

By the way…

Why didn’t Hobby Lobby ever raise objections to health plans offering Viagra coverage?


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