Yesterday, I spent a good deal of time doing homework. When I thought I was done, I immediately found out that I had just completed the preliminary part of the assignment. And that is apart from the group project my group will start on tonight.

Biden’s Presidency Continues

That’s so odd, considering the forecasts of right-wing nuts and the media who insist on constantly giving these cranks a platform. Somehow, the lizard people (or whoever the subject is for the current conspiracy theory) have prevailed for 11 days so far. Doubtless the right-wing loons’ savior (“Q” at the moment, but subject to change… Continue reading Biden’s Presidency Continues

Probably the End

I’m paid to next June. I imagine that, by that time, I’ll be permanently done with this. I have to accept that 25-30% of all Americans are evil people. These are the people who know Donald is a child molester. They know he is a fraud. They know he is deep in hock to foreign… Continue reading Probably the End


All of this was fixable. The sum total of reforms (a bit simplified, to be fair) is this: Limit campaign donations: A citizen may only donate to a person for whom (s)he may vote in the next election. The sum total of donations must be a very small amount, allowing access to any person. 2.… Continue reading Fixable